The UNIAN News Agency, which is part of 1+1 media group and provides the largest photo news service in Ukraine, has an open photo bank for all media, influencers and international agencies. Thus, anyone who wants to cover the war in publications can use all photos related to Ukraine's resistance to russian aggression. In the first month of the war, all photos could be downloaded for free. Now there is a standard rate for the photos.

The agency notes that photojournalists are working on the only topic in these crucial days for the country: recording the crimes of the aggressor’s country and the courageous resistance of Ukraine.

The war photos can be found on the website at using the following queries (according to the search language): воєнний стан (укр), военное положение (рус), martial law (eng).

Видео дня (Ukrainian version of the website), (Russian version of the website), (English version of the website).